Terms of Sales

1. These terms and conditions apply to our offers and contracts for the sale of electrical insulation, hereinafter referred to as “Parts”.

2. Any order from the Customer implies the unconditional acceptance of our general conditions of sale. Any derogations from these provisions will only be enforceable if we have accepted them in writing and prior to the order.

3. Prices appearing in our catalogs and / or price lists are indicative and can be modified without prior notice. A quotation made by our sales representatives commits us only after written confirmation by our head office.

4. Any order sent by the Customer commits him immediately, but commits us only after written confirmation of our acceptance in accordance with the requirements of Article 3. Without prejudice to the application of Article 5, in case of unilateral termination of the order by the Customer, it will be liable for a lump sum compensation representing 30% of the amount excluding VAT of the order in addition to the sums we would have advanced for the purchase of tools and materials necessary for manufacturing Parts ordered by the Customer.

5. We reserve the right to adjust our prices after the order if the costs of production increase significantly due to a change in the price of raw materials, the rate of remuneration or as a result of measures taken by the national authorities or international. If this increase increases the price initially agreed by more than 15%, the Customer may waive his order without charge, but without being able to claim any compensation against us.

6. For the preparation of our invoices, only the prices, fees and taxes in force on the day of delivery of our Parts will be binding.

7. Our samples, drawings, measurements, weights and other technical data only serve as an approximate description of our Parts. We are not responsible for the possible inadequacy of our Parts for the particular uses to which the Customer intends them, unless he has informed us in writing prior to his order.

8. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the tools made by us to produce the Parts ordered by the Customer will be billed to the Customer. The tools located in our premises and which are no longer used for 3 years will become our property by sending a registered letter to the Customer inviting him to come and take over these tools. However, tools consisting of integrated inserts on a base that is our property can not be taken over by the Customer.

9. The technical characteristics of the samples or prototypes validated by the Customer before the putting into production of the Parts can not be questioned by the latter later.

10. Standard Parts that do not comply with the Customer’s expectations due to a defect in the model or tooling supplied by the Customer will be invoiced. Modifications to the model and / or tooling deemed necessary for the proper performance of the Parts ordered will also be billed to the Customer previously notified by us. Similarly, the surplus materials and / or accessories specific to the order of the Customer will be delivered and billed in case of permanent cessation of the manufacture of its Parts.

11. The Customer guarantees us against all consequences, direct or indirect, of an action brought by a third party claiming ownership of a patent, a registered model or any other intellectual property right on the tools or Parts manufactured by us on the basis of the instructions of the Customer.

12. Unless otherwise stated in writing, our delivery times are purely indicative. A significant delay in the delivery of the Parts will only be compensated by the Customer if this has been agreed in advance and in writing. The possible delay in the delivery of our Parts does not allow the Customer to cancel the order.

13. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all our deliveries are made in our factory. The handling and transport costs are borne by the Customer. He alone assumes the risk of loss and / or deterioration (total or partial) of the Parts inherent to their shipment. However, we reserve the choice of packaging and shipping method. It is the Customer’s responsibility to insure the value of the Parts ordered.

14. In accordance with custom, the quantities ordered will be delivered and billed within a tolerance of 10% more or less. Slight variations in color and / or measurements of the Parts will also be allowed due to the industrial nature of the production process.

15. To be admissible, the Customer’s claims must be sent to our registered office by registered mail within 10 days of receipt.